Daily Devotion 26/06/2021. The unveil Grace In Christ


Devotional Bible Text: “The Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” –1 Corinthians 2:10

Devotional Content: The Spirit of God, who resides in a man and makes his body his temple, explores God’s deep things for a most holy treasure to be found. What depths do we sometimes perceive in a single word of Scripture when it is opened to comprehension or applied to the heart; what depths do we see in Christ’s blood—how it “cleanses from all sin,” and if it does, it must cleanse away millions of millions of the foulest crimes of the foulest sinners. What a depth of his bleeding, dying love to descend so low in order to elevate us so high! What a depth of sympathy and compassion in his heart to offer it to such sinful, filthy transgressors as ourselves! What depth in God’s eternal counsels and incomprehensible wisdom to devise such a plan as was accomplished and brought to light in the incarnation and death of his dear Son, that thus mercy and justice might meet without jar or discord, every attribute of God be fully honored, and yet those who deserved hell should be lifted up into the enjoyment of heaven?
What depths there are in our own hearts, not just of sin, but also of grace, for real religion has its own depths that the Spirit searches for and brings to light. Thus, if we have any faith, it is concealed deep inside our hearts, and it is sometimes so hidden that it is virtually, if not entirely, out of sight. After that, the Spirit looks for it and brings it out and up. So, if we have any love, it must be sought out in the deepest recesses of our hearts; if we have any hope, it must be sought out like the anchor in the bottom of the sea. It must thus be investigated in order to demonstrate that it is sure and steady and enters the veil.

Devotional Thought of The Day: The Love of God towards man is not hidden or with partiality. We all have access to the full measure of His Grace. There is nothing that will be hidden from us as His sons not even the deep things of God. so far we  humble ourselves and honor, accord Him, He is too Faithfull to fail us.

Further Bible Reading: 2Sam 8-9, Psalms 24:1-22


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