You are not counted out of a fight until you quit fighting, and nobody is without advantage in life, it all depends on personal discoveries [revelation].

Everybody has the ability and strength to win life’s battles. Everyone is dressed to Kill and empowered to Fight the good fight of faith.

As long as you take on responsibilities in consistent contribution and commitment towards your progress in life, you will definitely succeed.

The reason many folks die on the battlefield of life is not because they are inherently weak or are equipped with impotent weapons. Their defeat could be occasioned by failing in any or all of the following warfare components:

  1. Discovering and Knowing their Advantage
  2. Identifying and Appraising the real enemy
  3. Underestimating the strength of the enemy
  4. Fact and tact on how to engage the enemy.

Any kind of spiritual victory begins with discovering your strength and knowing your advantage; who’s got your back, and by properly identifying the enemy.

It is the same old story, “If you don’t know what you are shooting at, how are you going to hit it?” How am I going to eliminate from my life what I don’t even identify as needed to be eliminated?

The Christian journey is unto responsibility, and the calling is to fight; the good fight of faith.  The worst amongst Satan’s schemes today is a disguise of his personality and misrepresentation of his identity. He uses misconception strategies by manipulating a reality to match believers’ desires. He controls and gains hold of the soul by controlling the perception of reality, and diverting their sense of responsibility.

Glory be to God who has not kept us in darkness, for through the scriptures He reveals to us who our real enemy and his agents are, how to deal with them, and who is responsible for our lives’ battles and successes.

As believers, we are saved to fight and enforce our victory unto the shorelines of eternity; the abode of rest, peace, and everlasting joy.

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