Exaggerated Reality

Desperation overblows your sense of need, exaggerate its effect, heightens your propensity to compromise, and short-circuits your foresight.

Now, Hear me well.

Being desperate cannot and will not solve your problems or meet your needs. Rather it compounds the problem, aggravates the need, repackage and represent them in the nearest future; furnished with regrets and garnished with agony.

The wheel of despair and circle of misery desperation eventually gets a man into a loop only God can deliver him from.

Desperation is the reason for all the vices, sins, and corruptions of your lives.

The adultery, fornication, stealing, killing, malice, suicide and all sorts. For example: A woman adulterates because of what she feels she could not get from her husband, and the man vice versa.

A young lady prostitutes and defiles her body because of what she needs and thinks she couldn’t get except through such traumatic compromise.

A business man plunge himself into corrupt and questionable practices because of an over blown sense of what he wants to achieve.

Desperation makes a Pastor or Clergy adulterates the word of God, corrupt inspiration, quench conviction, and substitute genuine spiritual experiences for illusions

Unfortunately, the solutions and options desperation offer to you is never sufficient. It is like a drop of water on a dry tongue. It is always momentary and not fulfilling. The gratification is short lived… enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; (Heb 11:25), yet it will take from you all you’ve got in life as a value or virtue.

As a business man, I had been faced with many compromises just to survive in business, and all the ones I have fallen for, left me with brutal and agonizing experiences. Such as: corrupted integrity, bad reputation, misrepresented identity, police arrests, troubles from all sides, excruciating pressure, traumatic ordeals, and loss of spiritual virtues. I have many wounds, scars, marks and imprint of desperation’s lashes all over me. Even now still trusting God for ultimate restoration in some areas I earlier mentioned.

There is HOPE beyond the GLOOM!

Jacob demanded that Esau sell his birth right for “few slices of bread and some lentil stew” {Genesis 25:34 GW) because he was exhausted. How far and how long can that really satisfy hunger?

Yet he demanded for all that Esau had as destiny.

Men will ask you to sell your dignity on the bed of compromise for some coins and momentary satisfaction, yet you have to remain in the cycle without the real need being met.

Dear friend!

What has desperation demanded of you?

What has it already taken from you?

I was a victim but now a victor. I was blindfolded but now I can see.

Do not be rash any longer in selling out.

Perhaps you have lost your dignity as a lady and your integrity as a man for nothing real and sustaining.  Or are you still within the wheels of despair that desperation has plunge you and you seem not to know how to get out?

Here is the good news. There is freedom for you today!

Your Recovery is Possible.

Your Restoration is Available.

Your Healing is Affordable.

Your Establishment is Obtainable.


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