Executive Action; overcoming the SEDUCTION of Jezebel!

Maybe there is a personality of Jezebel in your life; a pseudo or that which is camouflaged in friendship, platonic relationship, innocent intimacy or even work partners.

Yet, the relationship is consuming and eating you up emotionally and devastating your mind, at the detriment of your sanity and integrity.

Maybe, it has even pulled you down into immoral actions, and each time squanders the virtue of righteousness you consistently labour to build.

Dear friend.

Waste no further time. You can end it and free yourself from the pangs of reproach, and traumatic emotions ones and for all.

# Action Points

  1. Make up your mind to end such relationship
  2. Go to God in Prayers
  3. Ask for strength and wisdom.
  4. Rebuke the devil and his spirit of Jezebel[seduction]  from every channel.
  5. Bind every agent of seduction and command them to loose their hold upon you.
  6. Cut off communication and abort intimacy from every known agent or vessel of Jezebel.[ this withdrawal may require gradual procedure in some cases; especially if it’s a business tie, church, or work involvement along with the emotional bondage].
  7. Pray for the agent of Jezebel for deliverance and salvation of their soul; this should include request that God should send His servants to such for the purpose of salvation and deliverance.
  8. Try not to preach to the human agent or try to convert or deliver him/her. As much as possible abrigde all communication and trust God to send another person to him/her.
  9. You will do yourself a lot of initial Good to create distance and gap between yourself and Jezebel — Elijah fled from Jezebel despite his heavyweight anointing.
  10. Learn from Elijah’s practical wisdom – he fled; seduction is an evil appearance that can only be conquered by avoidance and not by deliverance (binding and losing)


Please read the PART 1 of this post titled “Refuse to be Jezebel’s Eunuch”. Find link below.


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