Experiencing God’s Rest through Obedience

“… Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts…  Let us therefore be zealous and exert ourselves and strive diligently to enter that rest [of God, to know and experience it for ourselves], that no one may fall or perish by the same kind of unbelief and disobedience [into which those in the wilderness fell].”

Hebrew 4: 7, 11(AMP)

It is pleasant to know that God desires a rest for his people. In fact, He had pre-planned and furnished this rest for you from the foundation of the world.

“For we who have believed do enter into the rest, as He said, “I have sworn in My wrath that they should not enter into My rest;” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world” Hebrew 4:3

Rest from weariness, relaxation from affliction, termination of endless motions or fruitless efforts of any kind, and leading a quiet peaceful life is what God has worked for YOU and all mankind before the world began.

Nevertheless, obedience has been that ONE important key to entering God’s rest and a vital tool in abiding in it continually. Everyone is being offered the opportunity of living and experiencing rest from labour, pains, disappointments, traumas, and troubles of life on a daily basis, but few consider this opportunity. Rather people prefer to get used to afflictions, sufferings and unrest. They have accepted it as a way of life, since they know no better. They have come to the conclusion that life must be lived the way it is, and that, it is only when someone dies that he experiences rest from the troubles of this world.

Yet, a man that does not encounter, enter into, and experience God’s rest before he faces death will never know rest forever. In fact he just enters an endless loop of agony, pain, and inexpressible suffering.

Whoever breaks a hedge…

Disobedience is the cause of all human pains, suffering and agonies. Disobedience is a curse personified; a gateway to bondage, a highway to afflictions, and ultimately, a track of agony. While obedience to God is an exclusive blessing no eyes has seen, no ears has heard, and no mind has conceived that is reserved for you.

Disobedience can be a simple neglect or total refusal to obey; violation of a command or prohibition; the omission of that which is commanded to be done, or the doing of that which is forbidden. Disobedience is non-compliance or non-conformity with an order or set standards. Disobedience is the root of all sins, and the spark of all rebellion. Disobedience often times streams from presumption and negligence. It ultimately blindfolds, hardens, and corrupts conviction.

Are you living a life of disobedience to God? What is that sin in your hands that you have allowed to furnish castle of curses in your life?

Have you allowed yourself to become dull and blindfolded by those neglected instructions from God, and rather than seeing your negligence as the reasons for the storms and crisis in your life, you are in a charade, chasing shadows through misdirected prayers?

“He who digs a pit shall fall into it; and whoever breaks a hedge, a snake shall bite him.” Ecc. 10:8

What has broken the hedge and opens the borders of your life to the Snake – The Devil – is disobedience to God and His ordinances.

Do you think disobedience is too little to hinder your rest?

Or do you think some strong forces of darkness in high places are the cause of your troubles and lack of peace?

Now let us reason together critically!

How powerful was the devil over Adam until he enticed him to disobey God?

How strong was the wickedness of Satan against Abraham?

How easily could the devil in all his might and proclaimed power afflict Job without God’s permission?

How strong was the curse of Balak and Balaam upon the Children of Israel, until they were lured to disobey God by prostitution and idolatry?

The power of Satan is in his ability to deceive you and put you in a position against God. He does this in no way other than through your disobedience to God. Sin entered the entire human race through the disobedience of Adam, and salvation was bought for mankind also through the obedience of Christ.

Today, the foothold of the Devil in many Christians’ life, home, business, family, marriage, and career is disobedience.

Beloved, how long would you allow presumption and delusion plunder your blessings and plague your destiny?

Your rest is important to God and He has worked it out for you.

If only you will cry out to God to lead you by the power of his Spirit in the pathway of obedience, then you will begin to experience rest and find peace in God.

Let us therefore be zealous and exert ourselves and strive diligently to enter that rest [of God, to know and experience it for ourselves], that no one may fall or perish by the same kind of unbelief and disobedience [into which those in the wilderness fell].”

Hebrew 4: 11

The Lord is by this saying that you must strive and labour in faithful obedience, so that you can experience the rest He has worked for you from the foundation of the world.

Rest in God is not achieved through warfare prayer; it is attained by the labour and consistent walk of obedience.

The God-begotten are also the God-protected

God’s design is that you experience and enjoy rest in this life and in eternity. Nothing can hinder you from this experience except disobedience. No devil, demon, witch, herbalist or human being can hinder your experience of rest. Do not be carried away by religion. Satan and his demonic associates cannot tamper with your rest except there is a foothold of disobedience and sin in your life and relationship with God.  It was when a foothold of disobedience was established in King Saul’s life that a demon began to torment and disturb his rest.

“THE LORD said to Samuel, How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? … But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented and troubled him. “1 Samuel 16: 1.14

Constant life of disobedience causes the Spirit of the Lord, who is the seal and guarantee of God presence, to depart from you.

“In Him you also who have heard the Word of Truth, the glad tidings (Gospel) of your salvation, and have believed in and adhered to and relied on Him, were stamped with the seal of the long-promised Holy Spirit” Ephesians 1:3

Today among God’s children, Satan has blindfolded people not to see the exact cause of their failures, suffering, afflictions and problems, as a result of their disobedient lifestyle to God’s standards. Rather, he misguided and redirected their focus to be blaming and fighting demons, people; father-in-laws, mother-in-laws, neighbors, and townspeople, about their problem. He deceptively rigmarole them into a destructive, blindfolded, and fruitless prayer engagement just to keep them in bondage. No wonder they go for deliverance year-in, year-out. They call it all sort of names as annual deliverance, quarterly firstborn deliverance, women deliverance, fall down and die anointing service, and so on.

Beloved, it is not warfare prayers that set you free from the powers, oppressions, and manipulations of the evil ones. It is the Truth; the understanding and the application of it, therein lies your deliverance. True and lasting deliverance is not in warfare, fall-down-and-die prayers. It is by the knowledge of the Truth. For it is written: “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32.Your problem is not the devil or the wicked people around you.  Your focus rather should be God and you alone.

We know [absolutely] that anyone born of God does not [deliberately and knowingly] practice to committing sin, but the One Who was begotten of God carefully watches over and protects him [Christ’s divine presence within him preserves him against the evil], and the wicked one does not lay hold (get a grip) on him or touch [him]. 1 John 5:18

I understand how real your experiences are: the nightmares, the demonic dreams and assaults, mysterious events and circumstances beyond the comprehension of your minds, occultic operations around you, seem-to-be generational curses, and many of these things. I well understood the interpretations that have been given to many of these experiences. Indeed they are frightening and terrifying to the human mind.  But the truth is this; these experiences are not too complex to be handled by the Simplicity of Truth spread out in the Word of God – the Bible.

“We know that we are of God, and all the world lies in evil. And we know that the Son of God has come, and He has given us an understanding so that we may know Him who is true. And we are in Him that is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and the everlasting life.”1 John 5:19-20

Know the Truth, Understand it, Obey it, and be FREE. That simple!

  • Know that you are born of God; you are a child of the True God and the Eternal Life.
  • Understand that because of who you are, and Christ’s divine presence within you, you are protected and the devil and his evil agents CANNOT touch you.
  • Walk in Obedience and live your life in a way you can remain protected by the power of God, knowing that everyone who has been born of God does not continue to sin.
  • Enforce and Maintain your Freedom by declaring your understanding of the Truth each time the Devil and the evils ones come around with their intimidations.

It took me EIGHT (8) years to enter rest from all these intimidating experiences, and begin to enjoy true liberty and freedom that the simplicity of the word of God has made available for me. But you don’t have to wait that long. You can begin to enjoy rest and freedom today!

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