How to Operate in Spiritual Intelligence

Freedom Is Our Greatest Gift!

The Bible says ” they that know their God shall be Strong and do Exploit…Hence I say ” they that do not know their God shall be Mocked and be Exploited.

The best you can give to YOURSELF or to others this season is this FREEDOM Turnkey.

You need the Divine Advantage!

Advantage in Life and in every situation is simply the privilege and superiority of Intelligence over others.
TODAY, Take a leap into you Spiritual Advantage and make the most of all Spiritual Blessings, and consequently Physical Exploit by Developing and Operating your Spiritual Intelligence going forward.
Spiritual Intelligence is divine competence and capability deposited in you to help you function beyond your natural framework; and it is a free Gift you must activate and operate through God.
Most Religious gatherings NOWADAYS is a MOCKERY of your Spiritual Intelligence; and the pitiful part is that, you are being milked to a bleeding points  [financially, emotionally, and materially] at every service.

You cannot AFFORD to LACK Knowledge!

Knowledge; this is, to KNOW your EDGE is Freedom.
Your EDGE is your only ADVANTAGE; if you lack it, you will PERISH!

GRAB this Book Now, and thank me Later!


This 40 Chapters and 430 pages book will become a companion, and your operating manual for walking in God’s fullness and blessings for your life.

Whats Inside!

  1. Spiritual Intelligence & Prayer  – Lord, teach me how to Pray.
  2. Spiritual Intelligence & Warfare – Lord, teach me how to battle.
  3. Spiritual Intelligence & Lifestyle – Lord, teach me how to live.
  4. Spiritual Intelligence & Marriage – Lord, teach me how to be one.
  5. Spiritual Intelligence & Service – Lord, teach me how to labour.


Don’t remain among those that are Perishing…

Determine to begin to walk on freedom through the operation of your Spiritual Intelligence.

In agreement with you, I pray that God will impact upon you this gift of Spiritual Wisdom to operate in the supernatural!