I AM about to DIE!

Have you ever wanted something so desperately and someone seem to have just few to offer you in exchange for ALL you’ve got?

Yes, I mean ALL you’ve got left.

Famine, an acute lack of what is needed, is usually a machinery of despair. It is a razor sharp two-edged sword that drives us into desperation and vulnerability. Famine exposes our helplessness and put us in jeopardy of weakness.


And there was a famine in the land: and Abram WENT DOWN into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was GRIEVOUS in the land.

Genesis 12:10

What is famine doing in the promise land?

Abraham was shocked to his marrows. Where is the God in whom I have trusted and followed against the comfort of my father’s house? Alas! I assumed the presence of God is an antidote to Famine in the promise land.

Like YOU, Abraham had quoted; “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” –Psalm 23:1

Yet, we can’t but find ourselves in this GRIEVOUS situation occasionally. In fact, it is part of this present life. We are always in dyeing need of something at one point in time or the other. It maybe money, health, husband, wife, children, job, fulfillment etc.

Most times also, these needs often come with acute sense of urgency with subtle threats, such as imminent shame, ridicule, harassment, or suffering.  As a result of this combination of urgency and threats, we become really agitated, and GO DOWN into a desperate sojourn Egypt –BONDAGE of despair.

Yes, a desperate sojourn!

Desperation is a great height of vulnerability, and it swallows values and potentials faster than a wide-open grave. It sets in when we are on cause of destiny, and shortly after we are exhausted engaging ourselves in matters of life’s goals, dreams, and enterprises. It may at times come upon us when expectation concerning a critical-to-success factor lingers against time.

Desperation holds no good virtue. It dehydrates creativity, plunders innovative approach, blurs accurate perspective, and ultimately distorts constructive thinking. Desperation rides on your strength of will to plunder you and takes advantage of your instinctive ability to fix issues to lead you to a destructive end.

Esau, a skillful hunter, a man of the open country – of great skills and enviable expertise- – became a victim of this great monster called Desperation.

O Desperation, why do you not go after “quiet men” like Jacob? Who only stays among the tent without serious skills and expertise; rather you choose to use such men as your agents. The plunderers are not as often skillful and strong as the victims.

Genesis 25:32

“I’m about to die.” Esau said. “What good is my inheritance to me?”)

It appears Esau echo Abraham as he encountered famine in the promise land, saying, “I am about to die in the land of promise; of what use is the promise after am dead. It is better to live in bondage without the promise, than be in the grave with the promise”

Desperation plunders when famine is acute, and your need is peak. When only the expression tangible to your mind it “Look, I am about to die”. When sacrifice [however costly and consequential] means nothing to you and all that matters is meeting your needs.

A desperate man is a cheap prey.

Alas! You have sold yourself cheap on your heights, O desperate Friend!

Desperation makes your vulnerable without the power of resistance and walls of defense.

Desperation deprives you of your own sense of value, and makes you look worth-less to yourself than who you really are; having a false estimate of your value

Do not sell out cheaply any longer!

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