–Battle for Worship Series – 1

There is a burden I want to share with us today.

This burden brought a reflective thought and question about the basis of Man’s  troubles, battles, and struggles through life. Why is everything about our existence contentious, troublesome, and tormentous? It seems every turn in human experience has its drawn up custom made battle lines. What a life!

The Holy Spirit whispered to me amidst surging thoughts, saying, “Son, this life is not a playground but a battleground for Allegiance; Life is a Battle for Worship,” He said.

All of your life’s struggles and problems are battle lines drawn to decide to whom you’ll consistently pledge your allegiance. Satan foremost goal is for people of all kind and race to worship him directly or indirectly. Likewise, God is seeking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:24

The struggles and contention of your life is all about worship; All about to whom belong your allegiance; the ultimate reasons for the problems and challenges of life is all about the battle to worship God, Self, or Satan.

The account of the struggle Jesus had and went through as recorded in Matthew 4:1-10 was written so that we can understand our struggles in life. This event of Jesus Christ’s temptation helps me  to understand the struggle I am going through in my own  life also.

This core motive behind the temptation of Jesus Christ was not reveal until the third temptation; Satan only had one objective in mind. All he was pointing at  all along was just that Jesus should worship him; whichever which way –by self-independence(stones to bread), by spiritual presumption and pride(jumping from the temple heights), and by wild affection for the attractions of world (direct Satan worship through the lures and deceitfulness of riches).

Once you made up your mind to worship God, and you are determined to follow him, you are drawing up a battle line against Yourself and Satan; internal conflict, and external assault. You are saying to Satan you can make my life a target of temptation and affliction.

My aim is not to make the gospel easy or brandish something nice and smooth today; and if you must follow me through, you must be ready to carry the cross of Truth with me. In fact, you may have heard or believe that when you give your life to Jesus, everything will go on well and smooth; if that is what you have believed; you have been misled and heard another gospel.

The moment you step out to follow Jesus Christ by faith, and determined in your heart to worship God in sincerity; you have drawn a battle line against Satan; and he will not make things easy for you.

That was why Jesus told his disciples, “…In this world you will have troubles…”  because you are on my side, Satan will come after you “… but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”, that is, I have overcome and handed you the keys of victory. John 16:33

The truth of the matter is this, when you decide for Jesus, you have made decision for trouble.  But you have also made a decision for power and glory.

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