“…And who had endured much suffering under [the hands of] many physicians and had spent all that she had, and was no better but instead grew worse, … she came up behind Him in the Crowd and touched His garment “

Mark 5:26 – 27

Look together with me at some of the road blocks that could have hindered this woman from obtaining her healing if she had allowed them.

You need to know that troubles and challenges are realities of life. And except you become decisive and determined, life’s troubles are not easily gone, as they are reinforced with limitations and hindrances.

However, this woman’s experience teaches that, limitations are meant to be broken, and hindrances exists to be scaled over.

There were many roadblocks on the path to her miracle, but in this chapter, I will only enumerate and elucidate three (3) of them. 

Negative Experiences: –

“She had endured much suffering under [the hands of] many physicians”.

There was no doctor of her days she did not see, nor were there any hospital she did not visit.  Yet nothing named improvement was seen in her situation, but instead she grew worse.

How many physicians have you consulted before now too? Medical Physicians of outstanding pedigrees and blue chip hospitals both within and outside the country, including Spiritual Physicians, – miracle pastors, Imams, babalawos and eleweomos, witches, magicians, gurus and all sort – and yet your condition has grown worse than it was rather than improvement.

Perhaps you have sold all your properties, shares, and belongings to pay these physicians. Or you have forfeited your treasure including your hard-earned money to Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Priests and Spiritualist in the name of prayers and sowing seeds for your blessing.

Listen, God is not a business man that exchanges or trades His blessings for your money, as He has been projected by men.

God is interested in you and not your resources. He wants the whole of you and not what you have. He wants your life committed to Him; in your actions, in your behavior, in your decisions, and in truth.

Quit mediums and intermediaries, and reach out to touch Jesus Christ yourself and you shall be healed. Do not allow the memories of how long you have lived with this situation, and how much you have spent with no improvement barricade you from getting out of it.

Your moment of solution is now.

“Peter said, May your money come to destruction with you, because you had  the idea that what is freely given by God may be got for a price.”

(Act 8:20. BBE)

God will bless you because He has chosen to bless, and not because you provoke him with a seed or money.

It will no longer be blessing if it has a price tag, rather it will be a professional or spiritual service rendered. God blesses and He does not render services.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” (Eph. 1:3)

My friend, do not be plundered any longer. All you need to receive and activate your miracle and blessing is FAITH in Christ, and nothing more. It is not SEED or MONEY you need to enjoy the grace of God in Christ Jesus, but FAITH alone.

You do not demonstrate your faith in Christ and love for God by giving Him your substance or money, rather you do it by giving Him your WHOLE life. If you are completely God’s, what is it on earth would you not be willing to yield to Him in obedience?

Like I said earlier, God’s aim is to make you a blessing and channel of distribution. And once He is in charge of your life and heart completely; being evident in your character, attitude, and sincere commitment to His ultimate purpose, enjoying His miracles, blessings, and abundance becomes inevitable naturally. He will be able to trust you and then commit kingdom riches into your care to further his cause in people’s life.

Christian Giving, as taught in the Bible is an expression of gratitude for God’s love and mercy, a demonstration of commitment to further God’s cause and propagate His work, a duty and response of obedience to ensure that God’s servant are properly provided for and an obligation we owe one another as a believer; being a demonstration of brotherly kindness and love.


“…and had spent all that she had, and was no better but instead grew worse”.

Yes, her condition became hopeless. The more she spent the more deteriorating and failing her condition became. This continued for 12 years. Her sickness was labeled INCURABLE.

INCURABLE, does that sound like yours? The physicians weren’t lairs anyway; it was indeed for them incurable. But for Jesus all things are possible, and to those that would get the Right Touch with him, nothing shall be impossible.

Do not lose heart friend, you are already fortunate reading this book.

Get pass your past negative experiences, commit your life to Christ wholly and solely today!

Jesus is waiting for your Touch.


… She came up behind Him in the Crowd”

She did not allow this apparent obstruction to stop her. She was far positioned, and was not close to Jesus at all. And as far as anyone can be from God, she was.

There were so many people and so many things between her and Jesus, yet she pressed her way to touch him and ignore whatever they were saying.  She was mindless of their criticism and opposition.

How many people are between you and Jesus Christ of  that which we have been speaking about?  Is it your wife, your children, your family, your club member or towns men?  Or even your religion?

Are you concerned about what names they will give to you once they know you are now professing Christ? Are you ashamed perhaps they get to know you are reaching out to Christ for your healing and miracle?

Your credentials and pride might also be the crowd you have to press down and get through to Touch Jesus.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I am desperate enough and tired of my situation as to allow anything to stop me from reaching Jesus.

Jesus is waiting. Will you touch him before it is too late?

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