How to Operate in Spiritual Intelligence




You need the Divine Advantage!

Advantage in Life and in every situation is simply the privilege and superiority of Intelligence over others.

Likewise, gaining and making the most of the advantages “Spiritual Blessings” in the heavenly places in Christ, requires Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence is divine competence and capability that helps you function beyond your natural framework; and it is a free Gift you must ask and receive from God.

It is purely God’s act of grace, and He gives generously to all without finding fault,[extremely, God will not check your holiness status before answering this kind of request. Because you need this gift of Spiritual Intelligence to live the holy life, function in dominion, and maintain your status of righteousness in Christ Jesus].

This book will become a companion, and your operating manual for walking in God’s fullness and blessings for your life.

In agreement with you, I pray that God will impact upon you this gift of Spiritual Wisdom to operate in the supernatural!


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