The Empowered People Initiative – TEPI

Empowered to Empower Others

We believe, the body of Christ can and should create an economic system for the welfare of people within its frame.

A Christian Economic System

We believe, the body of Christ can and should create an economic system for the welfare of people within its frame. The Apostles did in the early church, so we can also do the same today. And do it in a better way without creating dependency.

Empowerment is an important part of God’s care for the poor in the Old Testament. God established a gleaning system in Deuteronomy 24 and Leviticus 19 to provide food for the people. It was time for the farmers to reap their harvest, but they could only pass through the field once. Any widow, alien, orphan, or poor person could come and collect what had been left behind or dropped on the ground. People felt empowered because of this programme.

Three principles emerge from God’s Old Testament welfare system. First and foremost, people must have the opportunity to have their needs met. This happened to be a field with food in Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Second, the person who had a need had to be willing to put in the effort to fulfil it. The widow, orphan, or poor person must harvest the crops in the field. Poor people had to work in order for this to happen. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat,” Paul says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

Finally, when the first two principles are in place, a person’s dignity is upheld. Because they were created in God’s image, everyone has dignity. Charity frequently degrades and deprives a person of dignity. The final principle of empowerment affirms a person’s dignity as bestowed by God.

Our Approach

TEPI reaches out to those most affected by poverty, out of school pupils, rehabilitated addicts, and most especially those convert during crusade outreaches without Jobs, Skills, or Employment in the environment through our various programmes to meet their needs

This approach includes

Agricultural Empowerment

Skill Acquisition

Education Scholarship

Career and Leadership Training

Grants and loans

Community Based Projects.

TEPI leverages on the Skill Acquisition and Business arm of the ministry namely, “Skill Acquisition & Business Institute – SABI” to deliver Hard Skill and Soft Skill programmes that are aimed at business startups, and career development