A show of self glory or of God’s Glory?

Sincerely, what we do in the name of testimony as churches is more than meet the eye.

Simply, it’s immature, Indiscreet, and ungodly!

We often take advantage of the people concerned, and put them at our own mercy; while we project them into media without their consent and violate their privacy, we have a subtle motive to earn our own praise alongside God. So that we can be perceived as one with the power of God.

Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.

Prov 27:2

Jesus never gave nor project testimonies of anyone got healed…or delivered. They themselves went about telling other men, “come and see…”

Infact Jesus told some of them not to tell anyone…Matt 8:4, Mark 7

:36. on the contrary we broadcast to everyone…Even most times our act of benevolence…which Christ himself commanded that whatever our right hand does, our left hand shouldn’t know. Matt 6:3.

It is awkward that we give people food, clothing, and healing, and we project them to the world on national TV and on worldwideweb and social media….

Let me ask you; assuming you were naked in one corner of the street, and I come to provide you cloth as an act of kindness, but together with the cloth I brought, I also came with cameras and entourage of pressmen. If you have options, and in your right senses without any sort of desperation, and abreast of the media effect of my action, would you allow me have a coverage of you naked and project you to the world as you were?

It only appears that, we only give  people peanut to have them in our media archives; in the name of showing the world the works of our hands with a facade of glorifying God.

Why do we make a show of attention, what would have been to God’s glory through the receiver or recipient.

I think we need and have to reevaluate and re-access what we today call testimony and giving glory to God, lest we are guilty of sharing the Lord’s glory to our detriment and destruction..

Many notable things and creative miracles have taken place and still taking place  in our ministry, but I forbade any of our members to put them on camera or have any record of them.

I made this a law for my own safety, and preservation.

I have more to say…but ….


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