The righteous with Propensity for Evil

What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing.

Genesis 27:12

Isaac opened the door of compromise in his life and ministry because of his desperate affection for desires, ambitions, and taste for food esoteric to his character and spiritual heritage. Rather than being predisposed to “blessing”, he became susceptible to invoking a “curse”. The “blesser” tuning to a “curser” because of his desperate appetite.

This propensity to compromise exposed him to all manners of evil; actions and reactions contrary to divine order or instruction. In the Serengeti [WILDERNESS] of life, desperation is inevitable, it is all a game of survival.

A man on a rampage for wild desires, ambitions, and glory is volatile and disposed to compromise. So then, such a man will stop at nothing in getting hold of his pursuit.

Exaggerated Reality

Desperation over-blows your sense of need, exaggerate its effect, heightens your propensity to compromise, and short-circuits your foresight.

Hear me well.

Being desperate cannot and will not solve your problems or meet your needs. Rather it compounds the problem, aggravates the need, repackage and represent them in the nearest future; furnished with regrets and garnished with agony.  The wheel of despair and circle of misery eventually gets a man into a loop out of which only God can deliver him.

Desperation is the reason for all the vices, sins, and corruptions of our lives. The adultery, fornication, stealing, killing, malice, suicide and all sorts. For instance: A woman adulterates because of what she feels she could not get from her husband, and can get from another man. Likewise the man, longs for something more “tasty” and “wild” that he feels the wife could not give.  A young lady fornicates and defiles her body because of what she wants and thinks she couldn’t get except through such traumatic compromise. A business man plunge himself into corrupt and questionable practices because of an over blown sense of what he wants to achieve. Desperation makes a Pastor or Clergy adulterates the word of God, corrupt inspiration, quench conviction, and substitute genuine spiritual experiences for illusions

Unfortunately, the solutions and options desperation offers to you is never sufficient. It is like a drop of water on a dry tongue. It is always momentary and not fulfilling. The gratification is short lived … enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; (Heb 11:25), yet it will take from you all you’ve got in life as a value or virtue.

Personally, I had fallen for many compromises in my quest to survive in business with brutal and agonizing experiences. Such as: corrupted integrity, bad reputation, misrepresented identity, troubles from all sides, excruciating pressure, traumatic ordeals, and loss of spiritual virtues. I have many wounds, scars, marks and imprint of desperation’s lashes all over me. Even now, am trusting God for ultimate restoration in some areas I earlier mentioned.

A man besieged by deception is prone to a lot of evil tendencies. His disposition to ungodliness is heightened by enticements and desperation. Jacob knew that Isaac could no longer be trusted as spiritual and godly. So he said to Rebekah, his mother, “I would bring a curse upon myself rather than a blessing…” He knew there was already a dent on Isaac spirituality and godliness. Isaac already dualized his personality and polarized his spirituality because of his strange appetite. Corruption was found in him. His tongue was not wholly sanctified and out rightly certified holy to pronounce blessings. He could now curse also.

Is it all about Isaac?

You and I are without exemption. We may be worse than Isaac.

Many times we have cursed people we ought to bless because of our strange appetite for wealth, deliverance, promotion, safety, and everything mundane. We became self-centered, selfish, and blinded by our own needs to the detriment of people positioned around us for our blessings. We are wicked and full of Evil [actions and reactions contrary to kingdom virtues, character, and lifestyle], having being possessed by greed and obsessed with self..


Are you not evil when you pray and petition God that your enemy, that man or woman, who is a stumbling block to your breakthrough must die, so that you can succeed? Sending him to the grave hell-bound. Instead of being a blesser with regards to the salvation of his soul, you are being a curser, and the cause of many souls in hell to your credit of spiritual warfare.

This is Evil, occasioned by greed and selfishness.

Are you not evil and wicked, when you insist in prayers that God must answer speedily with Money to build your Gold Plated house and buy your dream car, so that your neighbour may know that God is with you and show that you have arrived? Caring less about the genuine glory of God, which is better seen in contentment, godliness, peace, temperance, peace, joy, patience, self-control and all the fruits of the Spirit.

Are you not evil, when all you seek of God is his hands [what you can get off Him] and not His heart [what really matters to him and his kingdom]? Being driven by your needs and not motivated by God’s plan, purpose and will for your life.

Dear friend, examine yourself critically under the beam of the light of truth.

Ask God for his mercy and repent where necessary.

The Lord announced the word and great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

The time has come for you to join the army of God, Proclaiming his WORD as such a time as this.

For it is written:

Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

Mathew 4:4


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