The Word is Sovereign.

word-of-god-is-profitable1The word of God is the only object that validates experience(s).

Experiences should not be used to judge or interpret the word of God. Every experience must be tested, interpreted, and evaluated by the word of God no matter how supernatural, spectacular and phenomenal.

When the Spirit moves, the destination is more important than the emotion, what we feel matters less than where we are going. The move of the spirit brings people into a whole new world of experience with fascinating phenomena, which those who experience them rightly finds exciting, engrossing, fulfilling and refreshing.

When that kind of thing happens to you, your impulse is to go out and testify about it, and your temptation in that testimony is to concentrate on what has happened to you in and for itself, and you are less interested in its wider implications and theological or biblical significance.

The Holy Spirit moves us towards Christ. He exerts pressure on us to seek the source from which our experiences and gifts have come, the norm by which they are to be judged, and the end to which they are meant to serve.

Everything about you, including your experiences, must have their source and standard and significance in the person and work of Christ. In other words, your experiences are subjective and Christ is the only objective standard by which they are judged valid, healthy, and true. Spiritual and Supernatural experiences, however deep, exciting and intimidating, if it has no antecedence in the scriptures, is a danger and poison to your spirit.

To combine a concentration on the outpouring of immediate enthusiastic excitement with little or no doctrinal reflection has been our problem as Christians today.

Subjective experience must be balanced with objective evidence. Experience is a variable and can be conditioned by circumstances; it gets coloured easily by prevailing exposure, idea, and influence. But Truth is constant and never changes. The word of God is the Truth. Christ is the Truth. The Truth is Sovereign.

Spiritual fathers, Bishops, Pastors or Preachers experiences are not sufficient to interpret or validate scriptures but scriptures are to be used to analyze, validate, and interpret their experiences.  No matter how real and intimidating a preacher experiences are, you must subject it to the interpretation of the word of God. Test the spirit behind the experience and hold tight to the truth.  There are many questions a discerning believer should ask himself when being faced with a new experience or listening to other’s testimonies. Does such experience glorify Christ or subtly exalts the preacher? Does it edify you or merely excites you? Does it instill fear in you or increase your faith in God? Does it makes the Devil looks powerful? Does it project love or stir hatred towards men?

However, for the development of Christian experience and propagation of faith, reading and study of the scripture is absolutely necessary. Every believer has the responsibility to crave and seek a pure and sincere knowledge of God. The true knowledge of God through his word is indispensable and vital.

An orbed understanding of the word of God, and deep insight into his wisdom strengthens and empowers you against spiritual manipulations and satanic distortions. The more you fill yourself with the true knowledge of God and increase in the understanding of the redemptive works of Christ, the more you grow in the ability to discern deceptions and resist satanic manipulations

Satan’s earnest contention is to hinder the believer from knowing and accurately understanding the truth so that he can keep them in delusion and perpetual bondage; manipulating their minds, frustrating their Christian experience, and controlling their destiny. And those that has the understanding of the truth, he distorts their thinking and corrupts the application of such understating. Hence the effect of the understating becomes unfruitful and even injurious to other believers

Finally, Spiritual experiences are real, but the WORD of God alone is the best filter of all experiences.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2Ti 2:15)


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