Want to be a Spiritual HITMAN?

Want to be a Spiritual HITMAN?


Fasting add EFFECTIVENESS and FERVENCY to prayer; thereby making tremendous power available.

James 5:16(b)

“…the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Fasting is not a spiritual weapon, but a spiritual strategy; it makes the spiritual weapon, such as the word, faith, and helmet of salvation, effective in their operations.

Fasting makes you precise with spiritual targets, and makes your shots accurate.

Just as a hitman closes one eye and dims the other in order to trim his sight and narrow perspective on physical target; so also does fasting narrows your perspective on spiritual targets.

It empowers you to take spiritual shot with precision and accuracy.

When YOU fast:

  • FOCUS on the Glory of God, and not the Gory of Need.
  • CONTEMPLATE on the Greatness of God, and not the Highness of Desire.
  • MEDITATE on the Power of God, and not the Pressure of Circumstance
  • BEHOLD to be Transformed into the likeness of God’s Promise, and don’t be Conformed to the outlook of Need’s Premise.

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