“…And Jesus said, who is it who touched Me? … Someone did touch Me; for I perceived that [healing] power has gone forth from Me.” Luke 8:45 -46

Something amazing and remarkable pop out to me as I ponder upon the extra-ordinary initiative this woman took to touch Jesus.

Have you heard people say “I want God to touch me” or even preachers say “God’s power will touch someone today”!

These are popular sayings among Christians, it’s even being sung as a chorus.

Many are waiting to be touched by God, but this woman went ahead to touch God herself.

Wow, what a courageous woman, hungry for her recovery.

Are you too really hungry for God’s intervention in your life? Then, why wait for God to touch you, when you can make a Right Touch today.

My eyes were opened as I pondered on these texts. The power of God flowed out of Jesus un-commanded, and un-hindered, just because a woman made a touch of faith? This is inconceivable and awesome to think.

Today, many are waiting for Jesus to touch them, while Jesus is expecting many to touch Him.

Will you touch him?

The right touch of courageous faith turns on the flow of God’s power,

That day, many were among the crowd that were sick and needy, waiting for Jesus to touch them but unfortunately, they got nothing because Jesus did not touch anybody that day, except for this woman who was courageous enough to touch Jesus.

“Someone did touch Me; for I perceived that [healing] power has gone forth from Me”

Friend, if there is no demand, there cannot be supply. Or have you heard of anyone that got items or groceries delivered to his house without a prior order? Or have you seen a precious and expensive commodity being hawked around before? You have to place a demand and make special order for it.

God’s miraculous power answers only to Demand

You can place a demand on God’s anointing and have it INSTANTLY supplied to meet your need when you make the Right Touch with it.

Will you do the same today?


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