NOWADAYS, there is a growing and sustained pressure to induce you to worry about many things and life in general. The harsh terrain of livelihood is a deliberate plague from Satan to frustrate many. Therefore I tell you, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

Let me say something little about the cause and source of worry; being a calculative plot of the enemy to devastate and truncate many lives.

There is a wheel of despair set up to helm you in; the root of WORRY. Impatience is the tap root of worry, and haste the stem; when discontentment grows as branches, hopelessness flourishes like green leafs; and when ripe-wild fruits blossom, the ultimate destiny is inevitable – Destruction. This is the circle of suicide!

Satan is making the root of impatience growing deeper everywhere, everyday, and among every race. Don’t get caught with your guards down. Discontentment is sold as a hype nowadays on many a platform; the worst is from church pulpits.

The get-rich-quick furore isn’t no longer a ponzi scheme among the heathen alone, but it has crept in among God’s children also on the cart of “name it and claim  it”, “you are next in line”, and “24hours miracle seed” Gospel. But unfortunately, many have been pushed over the cliff and have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.  1 Timothy 6:10. Even some have committed suicide – Physically and Spiritually.

Dear Friend, You can make steady and consistent progress in life, trusting God day by day, and growing by Grace little by little without jeopardising your Peace and shipwrecking your Faith.

keeping your faith [leaning completely on God with absolute trust and confidence in His guidance] and having a good conscience; for some [people] have rejected [their moral compass] and have made a shipwreck of their faith.

1 Timothy 1:19

You see, Worry will drain you, but trust will strengthen you!
Fretting will weaken you, but quietness will fill you up!
Sin will destroy you, but repentance will restore you!

When you worry, it is a sign that you are running out of patience with God’s pace and speed in your life, you are hasty and looking into your inadequacies as limitations to get going. Hurry in life is over-speeding or over-heating induced by worry – of time, of inadequacy, and of pace.

Worry will produce confusion and much ado about nothing. Do not have the HASTY attitude towards life. It is derailing and dehydrating.

Therefore thus saith the Lord God: “Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; he that believeth shall not make haste.

Isaiah 28:16

Nevertheless, you need to keep up with God’s timeline for your destiny – you need SPEED on the track of purpose.

There is a marked difference between hurry and speed; that is, being hasty and being steady.

You have need for speed in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. The race set before you is metered; you run against a Stopwatch. You don’t have eternity to fulfil destiny.

John 9:4

I must do the work of the one who sent me while it is day. Night is approaching, when no one can work.

Make speed a way of life. Speed is a linear direction with steady and consistent momentum towards a clear destination. Speed has an objective purpose.

There Are No Speed Limits in the Kingdom of God!

Finishing the work of the day is bolstered by speed.
Hurry is an accelerator for urgent matters left undone; it is a reactive emotion triggered by negligence.

Gain Speed aiming at the finish line
Drain Hurry to avoid a crash time.

Hurry is of the flesh.
You need speed for spiritual growth.

Emotion crashes; of plan, purpose and possibilities.
Momentum hatches; of vision, mandate, and opportunities


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