You may BE the ONE Destroying YOUR life!

You may have thought that many of the problems in your life has nothing to do with your making. But the reality is that you are the one largely responsible for your woes.

Today, Laziness is one of the most rampant instrument Satan has given to many to ruin their glorious destiny.

Yes, you may say you are not lazy. But Laziness does not necessarily mean you are idle and motionless, doing nothing. it simply means that you are not being effective towards the core engagements of your vision and purpose in life.

A lazy man is an ACTIVE man, but not an EFFECTIVE man. You are very active and hardworking, but you are judged slothful and lazy because your many activities is not consistent with the visions of God for your life, nor able to help you get to the shores of destiny.

Lazy people don’t even cook the game they catch, but the diligent make use of everything they find…Prov 12:27

Laziness is being active doing the wrong things. It is a mental shift of focus to pleasure or survival. Many today are either surviving and not living for destiny,  or enjoying and not employing for fulfilment of purpose.

Laziness is a Sin of omission. Repent, and give your life its meaning.

Laziness is a Destructive indulgence. Fight it tooth and nail.

A Lazy man is a dangerous man; he is a destroyer.

A lazy person is as bad as someone who destroys things.

Prov 18:9

A LAZY man is a wicked man, says Jesus Christ. Wickedness is acting or doing things contrary to divine expectation. Mat 25:26

Many, including I, had use prayer as a substitute to an Active and a Sound mind…

TD Jakes said “You can’t use prayer to replace laziness”

Let this truth resonate well with you…

I choose to press forward…

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